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Tubex Tree Shelters - The World’s Leading Tree Shelter since 1986.

Used by professional foresters and landscapers in over 25 countries worldwide. Made from polypropylene which is harmless to animals and plants, no PVC is used.

Standard Tree Shelter


  • Maximum protection from rabbits,hare,deer,sheep and goats
  • Accelerated growth rates
  • Protects trees/shrubs from herbicide damage
  • The quickest and easiest tree shelter to install
  • Pre-fitted ratchet ties for attachment to stake
  • Unique Laserline perforation allows shelter to split from stem pressure

Standard Tubes are packed in nests of five with a range of diameters from 73mm to 105mm. The 1.5 & 1.8 metre tubes are also in nests of five with a diameter range of 80mm to 120mm.

Which Shelter for Which Animal ?


Tree Shelter Height

Stake Height *


60 cm

75 cm


75 cm

75 or 90cm


1.2 metre

1.2 or 1.35 m

Fallow/Sika Deer/Goat

1.5 metre

1.5 or 1.80 m

Red Deer

1.8 metre

1.8 metre

* If the ground you are planting is soft use the longer stake.

Note: Stake required to support all standard tree shelters

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